What is Boston F(A)RTs?!

Corporations are poisoning the water and destroying mountains and forests, while extracting coal and gas from Eastern region where we live.

Our response?


January 14-16 2011 at Encuentro 5 in Boston, MA

Register Here!:

The Forming Autonomous Realities Today organizing summit will address the risks and realities of living in a culture that remains addicted to fossil fuels, even after decades of protests and strong movements towards sustainability.

Corporations in the United States are still using irresponsible, destructive techniques to extract coal and natural gas from the Eastern states as cheaply as they can, with little regard for the damage these activities do to the water supply, land, air, and all living things. In West Virginia, Kentucky and other places, “radical” strip mining for coal is destroying whole mountains and attacking the integrity of the Southern deciduous forests. In Pennsylvania, Ohio and New York, horizontal drilling and “hydrofracking” techniques for enhancing natural gas production are polluting aquifers and the land. In addition to damaging the integrity of these bioregions, these destructive industrial activities threaten countless farms and communities across the Appalachian region.

For the past few years, the environmental movement in the Eastern United States has taught and employed tactics such as anti-oppression/collective liberation, popular education, direct action and civil disobedience, disaster preparedness, etc. While all of these things have accomplished goals and built a stronger movement, we are working to create new spaces for networking, spreading knowledge and supporting our various communities.

So what will we do? This summit will address how we can move forward towards solutions with the knowledge that these dirty practices are still happening in the Eastern states. We will also work together to make the connections between the fossil fuel industries and extraction processes, specifically coal and natural gas.


6pm – 11pm Dance, Open Mike, Musical Chairs



9am – 10am Light breakfast/ Morning Circle

10am – 11:30am Mountaintop Removal 101/ Campaign Planning/ Know Your Rights

12pm – 1pm Lunch (on your own)

1:30pm – 3pm Hydraulic Fracturing for Natural Gas 101/ Capitalism, Global Warming and the Climate Justice Movement/ Ecofeminism

**evening Community In Solidarity with El Salvadore event**


9am – 10am Light breakfast/ Morning Circle

10am – 11:30am Women’s Reproductive Health/ Roadkill Arts & Crafts/ Direct Action and the Climate Justice Movement

12pm – 1pm Lunch (on your own)

1:30pm – 3pm Blockades Games/ Green Anarchy/ Democratic Decision Making

3:30pm – 5pm Do It Ourselves Sustainability/ Herbal Medicine

5:15pm – 6pm Breakout Groups

6pm – 7pm Dinner (on your own)

7:30pm – 9 pm LOW COAL (or) GASLAND film showing

With the new skills and strengthened relationships we will develop, we hope that this summit will be another point of transition in the organizing against gas and coal in Boston. The city has successfully taken action against the fossil fuel industry in the past and we must revive the movement and work together in new ways. As the US Government and the fossil fuel industry develops new tactics, so must we!

Contact bostonfarts@gmail.com for any questions/comments/other stuff!

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